Power and Water Corporation required a suite of documents to help suppliers and staff understand and comply with Power and Water’s new procurement direction. Studio B worked with the client to ensure that the documents were not only easy to read, but also appealing to the eye and engaging. Studio B created a unique 'look and feel' to ensure the documents held integrity whilst aligning with the corporation's corporate branding guidelines and style. 

Our relationship with Brooke Summers and Studio B Designs has benefited me and Power and Water beyond expectation. The design work that Brooke developed for us transformed our documents from a series of haphazard tactics into a unified, recurring plan. Our brief to Brooke was initially vague – we didn’t really know what we wanted other than something to knock people’s socks off and keep them interested enough to read and understand our message. And Brooke delivered. We now have a suite of documents, templates, forms and brochures that meet all our needs and we have a clearer vision of who we are and what we offer. Thanks Brooke for all your great work.
— Tim Powe, Power and Water

In June, TIO required some unique internal strategy material to educate staff of their 2015 strategy. The client expanded their creative thinking to develop a seemingly impossible idea to present the new strategy in an engaging way with life-size information wheels that aligned outcomes with the necessary steps to achieve them. Studio B worked with reliable suppliers to develop a solution with 4 life-size interactive information wheels soon designed, assembled and installed into TIO's office space. To compliment the large wheels (that made quite the impression on staff), 260 hand-held information wheels were printed and distributed within each of the 7 divisions of the organisation to further promote interaction and knowledge of the 2015 strategy.

I have worked with Brooke on a number of occasions to develop critical and strategic internal brand and marketing campaigns. Not only is Brooke extremely talented and easy to deal with, she has consistently demonstrated a keen commitment to ensuring TIO’s needs are met; in terms of creativity, timeframes and budget. I highly recommend Brooke as one of the Territory’s most creative, professional and talented graphic designers.
— Elshonner Johnson, Internal Brand and Reputation Manager at TIO

TIO required a series of posters and signs to encourage their staff to be more environmentally conscious as part of an internal strategy to reduce their paper usage and impact on the environment. The suite of material had to be eye-catching and encouraging whilst adhering to the TIO internal branding guidelines. 

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